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Early Christian Narratives 

DALL·E 2023-11-05 19.24.00 - Photo of a hyperrealistic ancient open codex, with the pages
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About us

A Narratological Approach to Early Christian Stories

The narratives circulated among early Christians have evolved into some of the most influential stories in human history, significantly impacting cultures worldwide to this day. Owing to their enduring influence, they warrant a comprehensive examination not only through historical and theological lenses but also a meticulous narratological analysis. When explored as narrative texts, their interpretation is greatly enriched by the application of categories delineated within the interdisciplinary realm of narratology. Conversely, a focused study on these pivotal canonical and non-canonical texts can offer profound insights into the broader study of narrativity.

This website showcases the endeavors of an international junior research group based at the University of Munich, a premier German institution. Our project has been graciously funded with 1.4 million Euros by the Elite Network of Bavaria, an initiative aimed at drawing internationally leading scholars to the universities of this state. Our group harbors a particular interest in the narratological category of focalization. A succinct overview of our project is accessible here.

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